Patented Swiss technology to convert waste to clean syngas

Clean and Efficent
Energy Recovery

Although traditional waste treatment, disposal and recycling methods are growing and must continue to do so, tons of high energy-content products like plastics and other organic materials still end up in landfills – wasting a valuable energy source. The UHTH® energy recovery unit can convert your waste streams into an energy-rich, clean syngas fuel.

Exploit your waste stream


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About CleanCarbonConversion

CleanCarbonConversion is an independent, owner-operated group of companies with headquarters in Pfäffikon, Switzerland.

CleanCarbonConversion is a patent holder in the field of energy recovery from waste, and developer and manufacturer of UHTH® systems that produce synthesized, energetic gas from carbonaceous matter (waste materials and biomass).

CleanCarbonConversion strives for excellence and we aim to conduct all our activities to a high standard that either meets or exceeds our customers’ expectations. Our quality standards do not just relate to technical issues arising from projects but involve all of our business activities and communication, both internal and external.

Peter Jeney leads the company group as President and Chairman. He is also responsible for the R&D Dept. of the UHTH® Technology and all technical requirements.
Michael Siewert leads the business development of CleanCarbonConversion Group in terms of operations, sales management, distribution channel management, marketing communications and pricing policy.
Felix Juhl is conducting information and physical risk audits, ensuring proper functioning of system`s integrated security infrastructure and investigations coupled with necessary skills to ensure that CCC Holding requirements are met.
Manfred Haupt is a longtime main player in the development of the UHTH® technology, he is managing the technical support of individual projects and oversees the delivery and setup of units. His main focus however is on further technology improvements and expansions.

Why Ultra-High Temperature Hydrolysis (UHTH®) ?

Value Added
With UHTH® technology, waste is no longer a threatening problem, but a source of energy.
Clean, Cleaner, UHTH®
The UHTH® technology produces cleaner gas than is available from any other technology.

Flexible and Adaptable
The UHTH® plants are of a compact, modular construction and setup, available in two sizes.
Patented & Certified
The UHTH® technology and the plants are fully patented and certified.

Responsible for waste management and are looking for a clean, efficent, economic and reliable solution? Ready to learn more about the UHTH® ground-breaking technology?

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